Mobrain helps brands meet their KPIs and max their ROI with reaching 500 million users worldwide


Mobrain by Headway is redefining mobile advertising to help brands take control of their mobile marketing campaigns with an evolving technology platform. Mobrain is an in-house technology that connects direct and transparent supply with premium demand all around the world. It gives brands access to global reach, retarget user database, and highly-engaged users while helping them meet their KPIs, maximizing their ROI and boosting their mobile app ranking.

Headway is already trusted by 500+ top global brands including Amazon, Machine Zone, SGN, Namshi, OLX, Letgo, GSN, eBay, Lazada, Unilever, Disney, and Mercedes-Benz among many others. With Mobrain, it reaches more than 8 billion users across the seven continents.

“Mobrain, our in-house Mobile native solution that effectively customs ads to the content and targets the right user for the right offer”, explain Luis Barrague, Headway’s COO. “This helps our clients such as e-commerce, gaming, utility and food delivery apps reach highly-engaged users and drive more than 5K installs a day”, continued Xavier Bourlard, SVP International Growth at Headway.

Mobrain global reach

Some of the key Benefits for using Mobrain include:

  • Global reach and Premium Inventory: Native, Video, and In-app display inventory
  • High-engaged users driven with our proprietary retargeting solution
  • Optimization on the go to match your KPIs
  • Highly performing innovative Native Mobile ad placements
  • An international team of experts to manage, optimize and get the best of the market insights to succeed with our clients marketing efforts
  • Access to safe and compliant inventory through Mobrain Genius, our in-house fraud prevention and detection tool

Mobrain simplifies the media buying process to help companies enhance their campaigns through Server to Server and a Dynamic Network of Advertising. At the same time, its in-house analytic dashboard uses business intelligence tools like OLAP Analyses, Data Mining and Reporting to optimize traffic flow to reach the advertiser’s objectives. It also has an in-house monetization solution for mobile web publications and a fraud prevention algorithm that detects which is the device ID where the fraud came from.

“Headway is our exclusive partner who always deliver outstanding performance for our campaigns”, affirm the executives from Waseet, a leading online classified and transactional portal for the Middle East and North Africa. At Namshi, the fashion online shopping for women, men and kids, they are also very happy with the results: “With Headway, we’ve found a partner that delivers quantity keeping the quality in check”.

Mobrain, is a smart solution platform designed to superboost brand’s App Campaigns to reach the KPIs and maximize their ROI. It was launched in 2010 by Headway, the leading data-driven media buying company for marketers with operations in Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, and Spain. The company plans to continue to grow and offer innovative solutions to simplify mobile marketing campaigns worldwide.