How Mobrain by Headway Prevents App Fraud with Mobrain Genius


Mobrain Genius is Headway’s in-house fraud prevention and detection tool that uses a proprietary algorithm and a set of rules to analyze large sets of data, detect patterns indicating suspicious activity, and prevent such activity from reaching your ad campaigns.

Luis Barrague, COO and leader of the product team at Headway says:

“The product was developed to meet our clients’ increasing needs to detect and prevent fraud during app promotion”, explains Luis Barrague, COO and leader of the product team at Headway.  “We are aware that fraud is becoming more frequent, more sophisticated, and that it keeps evolving.  We are already delivering global reach, retargeting user database, and highly engaged users to maximize the ROI of our clients.  But we also want to offer a solution that would make their lives easier. That is how Mobrain Genius came about.

To keep Mobrain Genius effective in protecting our clients’ interests, we work really hard to keep our rules updated”, continues Barrague. “A big portion of our profit is also re-invested in the servers that process large amounts of data in order to keep high standards of service provided to our global clients.  Our clients are our number one priority and we are always innovating to only deliver the best”.
What is fraud?

Mobile ad fraud is a multifaceted issue that can take many different forms that can vary from generating installs from untargeted and unwanted users to simulating user activity on faked devices.

While there can be various ways and forms of carrying out fraudulent activity, the outcome is always the same, in which the marketer is left to pay for it.

How does Mobrain Genius detect and prevent fraud?

Mobrain Genius is designed to collect and analyze large sets of data in real-time, covering all aspects of user behavior and other available information on a smartphone. Collected data includes significant amount of information that is analyzed and checked according to a set of rules designed to spot suspicious and fraudulent activity in clients’ ad campaigns.

Catching fraud in real-time comes down to the intelligent use of large data sets.

On average, Mobrain Genius blocks 10 million fraudulent users a month utilizing a two-side process based on prevention and detection.

Mobrain automated traffic detection system

Mobrain Genius combines fraud detection and prevention, offering a 360° solution
Using big data to ensure timely detection

Mobrain Genius algorithms utilize big data technology to identify suspicious patterns to differentiate real user behavior from automated installations.

How it works?

Tracking more than 100,000 installs every day and more than 30,000,000 clicks on a daily basis
Analyzes patterns in the retrieved data and cross-checks against a set of internally designed fraud detection rules
Validates findings with third-party fraud detection solutions and drives conclusions regarding the trustworthiness of each source
For example, if there is a peak in number of installations coming from a specific site at 3 a.m., when few users are connected, or there is a large dispersion between the moment when the user clicked on the banner and the download occurred, these sources of traffic are red-flagged as potentially fraudulent and are blacklisted from all the campaigns.

And reinforcing results by enabling prevention

Mobrain Genius uses its huge IP and proxy database to identify if a suspicious user is trying to make an installation and blocks the click before it even reaches the application. For example, the platform recognizes that fraudulent downloads come from a data center or hosting IPs instead of personal IPs from the Internet provider and prevents the action from taking place.

How it works?

Using a daily updated database of 94+ million anonymous IPv4 addresses
Each click is cross-checked with the database
If the click is coming from a suspicious IP, it is rejected by our server so the fraudulent traffic doesn´t reach the app in the first place
Moreover, Mobrain Genius uses machine learning tools to incorporate findings from the detection phase to avoid repeated cases of fraudulent activity. This way Mobrain helps its clients maximize their ROI since clients only pay for real installations.

Why trust Mobrain by Headway?

Headway is a technology company with more than 6 years of innovation in the digital marketing industry worldwide. It has 15 international offices, more than 70 million daily clicks, and more than 500 happy and satisfied clients.

Mobrain Genius has proved to be a very effective solution to detect and prevent fraud. It is offered to Mobrain clients free of charge as an additional benefit to guarantee best quality results. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!