Copywriting magic for Pluspetrol

Pluspetrol is an independent international private company with over 35 years experience in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons. With a presence in Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, United States, Netherlands, Peru  Uruguay and Venezuela, Pluspetrol promotes energy and power development activities at the international level .

Pluspetrol wanted to modernize its image, especially its web and HT Contenidos was hired for the job. They then relied on Medialo Consulting to help with copywriting in Spanish and English. It was a complex job that was made possible thanks to teamwork and attention to detail as the content should be adapted to each of the countries where it operates.

After many, many months of work, we are very pleased to introduce the new revamped website Pluspetrol reflecting innovation, sustained growth, professionalism and international presence of the company.