#StartupMoment: Binee, the way to recycle e-waste

“What do you do when your hair dryer breaks?” asked Martin Jaehnert, Co-Founder and CEO of Binee.com when we started talking at the DLD Conference in Tel Aviv. Before, I could even answer, he told me: “We do. We recycle them as well as any other electronic apparatus”. That’s what Binee is about.

Since 2015, Martin Jaehnert, Florian Eidner, and Marilu Valente have been working on this startup that seeks to reduce and recycle e-waste.

“After some awards and first sales, we have made it to the top startups: experiencing the second anniversary. So it seems the idea has something to it. ;)”, assures Martin.

This, is their story…



What is the project about?

Binee strives to collect as much e-waste as possible and brings you ad-sponsored recycling.


How did the idea come about?

We were at the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School in Munich 2014. The topic of the assignment was: Waste. The objective: to make a billion dollar business model that solves the world’s waste problem. That’s when our team said, we should try to make that work. We turned a school project into reality.


What is the next step?

Enter the shopping centers and start collecting!


3 things you would have liked to know before starting your own business  

  1. There are some funding programs you can only access before you are founded. Once you register, it is too late.
  2. It will take longer than you expect.
  3. A thousand no’s are the way to the first yes.


3 tools that help your business and you think every entrepreneur should know about 

  1. Trello & Kanban.
  2. Maps.me for offline maps wherever you go.
  3. Appinio for quick tests of assumptions and crowd feelings.


Your motivating quote 

A thousand no’s are the way to the first yes.


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