PreviApp trusted Medialo Consulting and their downloads soared

Consulting, PR

PreviApp was the first Argentinean app to organize “previas” (pre-parties) at any time and any day of the week. With the emergence of competitors, PreviApp’s team contacted Medialo Consulting to help them keep their position as the leader.

First, we advised them on the app’s look & feel, social networking strategy and business model.

After many months of effort and dedication, they were ready to launch a new version. In addition to connecting to a group of friends, it allows you to musicalize the night with the playlists from Spotify. Using geolocalization, it also locates the clubs and bars closest to your location and adds you to a VIP list to get free entrance. It also has a button with the nearest moto-delivery. This way people can easily order drinks for the pre-party.

During the product launch, we helped them with the press strategy so that everyone heard the good news and began to download the renewed PreviApp app. Press actions reached about 8 billion people.

Since almost 100% of the generated notes included the link to Google Play, the number of downloads of the application skyrocketed and all targets were exceeded.

Now we expect that the boys of PreviApp continue to grow so that more groups that friends have fun with the application. Thank you very much for having trusted us.

PreviApp is available for Android from Google Play: and for iOS from the iTunes Store. You can also join Facebook: or Instagram: