Marketers: more than just smoke and mirrors

Escrito por Laura Vaillard

Sometimes, marketers are perceived as modern magicians and sorcerers who use a variety of tricks, smoke and mirrors to sell products. While before these characters had to travel from town to town to persuade people, today, marketers can reach the world through the click of a button via email and social media marketing platforms.

However, I believe there is much more to marketing today than the abilities offered by evolving technology – there has to be a person behind the effort. It takes guts to be a marketer because your work is always exposed: whether for the applause or the punch. When your idea is a hit, it is exhilarating to face your colleagues and family, celebrate and enjoy the party. Yet, when it is a flop, it takes real resilience to reconstruct your ego, learn from the experience, and go out to try again.

Nevertheless, this inexact science is one of the things I love most about my profession. Nothing is certain and many times you’re taking a leap of faith based on your experience and instincts. So, you must study continuously, keep track of new tendencies, combine concepts, create a new formula, and test the results.

It is stressful and nerve racking to live in continuous uncertainty. But it is also exciting and invigorating to be part of the creative process; to get people as excited about what you are doing as you are.

As marketers we are more than magicians trying to get the rabbit out of a hat. We are more like artists about to get on stage, always wondering if our idea will get a standing ovation or a sonorous boo. Yet we cannot resist to urge to come out and find out. Turn on the lights. The Show Must go on!