Branded Content, what is it and how to develop an effective strategy?

Written by: Laura Vaillard, Director and Founder of Medialo Consulting

Nowadays, no one will deny that it is important to be present on the Internet and the different social networks. However, it is not enough to open a social media profile. You have to make your presence matter. Make a strategy. Be bold to gain visibility. Differentiate yourself from all the other Internet content. Write sexy content to draw your customers’ attention. To do this, many brands are using branded content or content marketing.


What is branded content?

It is a technique widely used in Internet where companies offer their customers value-added content within a blog post or a media article.


5 tips to develop a winning branded content strategy:

  1. Listen to your customers. By paying attention to the questions made in your social networks, or by identifying how clients search for your product, you can discover what information they are interested in, and what you should offer them
  2. Focus on the content and not in your brand. People want to consume information that helps them solve a problem or that entertains them. They are not interested in reading about how wonderful your product or company is. You have to generate content that attracts users. Content that they want to share with their friends. If it is not catchy and worthy to go around, then your content is not good enough and your strategy should be improved.
  3. Use the multiplier effect. Once you generated content, adapt it for different formats and publish in different social networks. A bold title on Twitter. A striking image on Instagram. An intriguing question on Facebook, for example.
  4. Develop a strategy. It is not a matter of writing for the fun of it. The content you post must have a logical narrative. It should be reinforced with that previously published as well as your company’s objectives.
  5. Remember, sometimes, less is more. The fact that there are a lot of social networks does not mean you have to be present in all of them. Dedicate your energy to those where there is more engagement by our consumers. Start with one or two social networks and then expand your strategy as your number of customers and communications team grows.


With these tips, you can now start your own Branded Content strategy. But remember that the content generated by your brand should be associated with it in a harmonious and subtle way. You want to generate visibility and engagement, not do advertising.

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