#StartupMoment: SmarTap, time for the perfect shower

During the DLD Conference in Tel Aviv, Asaf Shaltiel CEO & Founder of SmarTap and Yaniv got my attention talking about the possibility of having the perfect shower. Then they retained it by discussing about greener, safer and smarter water and energy consumption.

“One of the things I’m most proud if is the fact that an idea I had in my mind years ago materialized into a real Green product that can actually disrupt the way we are using our shower (And now we can actually talk to our shower thanks to Amazon Echo)”, said Asaf.

Let me present to you SmarTap, the solution that is revolutionizing shower time.


smartap-showerWhat is the project about?

SmarTap, works as a buffer between the water heater and the output. It enables each member of the house to take a shower or a bath exactly how they want it by simply pressing a button in the app: warmer for the baby, with more abundant water for the adolescent son, cooler after a run, for example. You can set it set up to warm up as time progresses, or remotly activate it while you are stuck on traffic so you have a warm bath ready when you get home.


How did the idea come about?

Many many years ago my sister gave birth to twins and while I was assisting her bathing her newborn babies I noticed that it is hard for her to fill the exact amount of water with the exact temperature needed. Then, it hit me. This old industry has not evolved !!! The rest is history.

We recognized that plumbing fixture industry’s turnover is $50B annually. We also perceived that the bathroom is one of the last bastions of old hardware technology and it is ready for a change. Desire to improve comfort and efficiency creates opportunities in hospitality and residential markets (smart buildings/ homes/ hotels). It was a multi billion dollar opportunity.

People do not like waiting and wasting water, while setting shower temperature. They get frustrated when cold water sprays or get hot water scalding. They do not want to wait and attend bath-fills. They generally lack of control of flow rate and shower length. On top of that, there is an ever increasing price of water (in US: 2x in 10 years).

We wanted to give solutions to all these concerns. Provide an opportunity for smart buildings, improve customer satisfaction & safety and deliver cost savings.


What is the next step?

The next step is to focus on smart buildings and the hospitality market in general. Finding even more ways to predict usage, apply more sophisticated machine learning algorithms in order to save more water and energy consumption.


3 things you would have liked to know before starting your own business

The first, second and third thing is the team, you have to cherry pick the best employees possible and make them your partners to the journey.


3 tools that help your business and you think every entrepreneur should know about

  • First tool is an App called Accomplish that really help manage your tasks and time.
  • Second tool is Google Suit, its impossible to work without all of google tools like Google Cloud, Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts. etc.
  • Third tool I use a lot is Cloud Music to help me focus 🙂


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