#StartupMoment: PhotoNeo, 3D cameras at work


Michal Malý, COO of PhotoNeo

This time we had the opportunity of talking to Michal Malý, COO (Chief Operating Officer) at Photoneo.com, a startup from Slovakia that put 3D cameras to work for practical use at the DLD Conference in Tel Aviv. Ján Žižka, Tomáš Kovačovský and Michal Malý started to company in 2013 and since then, they have been able to expand to Italy, Israel, Germany, USA, Denmark and the Check Republic.

We are really happy that we have satisfied customers. Some of the testimonials included “Wow!” (after looking on the scanner output), “overall best industrial 3D camera we have used so far in terms of data quality and ease of use for varying objects.” and “the most flexible 3D camera for robotic applications we have applied in last ten years.”

PhotoNeo already has a seek for EUR 2.1 MM, but this is just the beginning. Here is their story….


What is the project about?

We found a way how to make 3D scanning faster, more precise and with a greater depth of focus.

Our product, Photoneo, has developed a range of scanners which offer high-resolution wide depth-of-focus structured-light 3D imaging. Capturing the full scene in a single snapshot provides a great advantage to many industrial and consumer applications.

Our scanners utilize a laser projector and a high-resolution camera. An additional advantage is a lightweight, carbon fiber body. Five different models (XS, S, M, L, XL) enable the user to pick the model which delivers the best precision for the given area, ranging from the scanned volume of 13x10x6 cm to unbelievable 2.8×1.8mx2.2m.  The control application provides an easy interface for configuration and online pass-through scene inspection, which is especially useful for developers. The software examples in C++ and C#.

A perfect 3D vision is necessary for autonomous systems including collaborative robots, drones, self-driving vehicles, highly secure face-recognition, and also for consumers in augmented reality and virtual reality applications.

“A regular camerca cannot tell the difference between this picture and a real parrot. Our 3D camera can identify, this is body painting”, says Malý.




How did the idea come about?

Tomas and Jan were discussing various ideas on 3D scanning, when suddenly they had a new idea. At the beginning, they had this surrealistic feeling of something they could not believe, but which apparently was here. For a few hours, they pondered what suddenly the new idea makes possible, all kinds of scanning, and so on. Later we rewrote the idea into a patent. We also started testing the idea on a prototype. The prototype became a product in something like a year, and is now sold .


What is the next step?

Currently we are expanding our sales. We also continue with development to have something new again in the next year.


3 things you would have liked to know before starting your own business

  • Start sooner
  • Discuss with others, allow critical thoughts
  • Think both from technical and from business point of view.


3 tools that help your business and you think every entrepreneur should know about

  • Git and github
  • Google G Suite
  • Skype


Your motivating quote

“Every corpse on Mount Everest was once an extremely motivated person.”


Learn more about PhotoNeo
Photoneo raises one of the largest seed rounds in Central Europe

Web: http://www.photoneo.com/

For press inquiries please contact: Ján Žižka, CEO & Co-Founder, Photoneo, +421 903 610 677, zizka@photoneo.com


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