#StartupMoment: MySize, the measurement of success

Ronen Luzon, CEO and founder of MySize

Ronen Luzon, CEO and founder of MySize

Start-ups come in all sizes and all forms. MySize Inc, is a an example of how a simple idea can become a huge success. This week, at the DLD Conference in Tel Aviv, we had the opportunity to meet Ronen Luzon (current CEO), who founded MySize in 2014 along with Shoshana Zigdon.

Take a look at this app that makes sure that you buy the right size when you shop online and has already raised USD 9.5 Million!!

What is the project about?

MySize is about developing a novel measurement technology for a variety of consumer-friendly, everyday uses. In e-commerce, “MySizeID” is the first product that enables to measure the human body by only sliding the smart phone on a certain body part using the mobile phone existing sensors and without using the camera.

Another product that is in the pipeline is the BoxSizeID, this product is aim is for the shipping market, this product will allow a consumer to measure the volume of a package that he wants to send and by this get a price quote from several courier companies.


How did the idea come about?

My son loves to play basketball. He saw this great sport suit online and he asked me, “Dad, please, can I…?” I immediately agreed and ordered the suit. After several days it has arrived and, of course, the size didn’t match. A month later my son came to me with another suit that he wanted from different retailer.  Again, after making the order we received at home the wrong size…!  So i said there must be a solution to this problem.  And that’s how MySize was born…


What is the next step?

Next steps is too finish the development of the products, in the online apparel and the courier markets. Finish the beta testing with both clients that we have and bring new contracts.


3 things you would have liked to know before starting your own business

  1. Determination
  2. Sell your dream like it was the best thing ever happened to you
  3. Build a good team (it is more important than the product it self…)

Your motivating quote

“When you have two alternatives the first thing you have to do is look for the third one that did not exist”.


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