Matías Apartin, a sociological look on mobile applications


There is no doubt the penetration of smart phones is increasing. The numbers speak for themselves: in the first quarter of 2012 in Argentina, 24% of the population had such devices, while in 2013 this figure rose to 31%.

As if this was not enough, mobile devices have become indispensable for our daily lives, and 60% report using their smartphones every day and 68% said they do not leave home without their smartphones.

To discuss this topic and further understand what motivate people to act this way, we interviewed Matías Apartin, Agency Training Specialist for Google and sociologist at the University of Buenos Aires. He offered a positive vision on devices and mobile applications, and explained how this is changing the ways we socialize.

The interview was posted on Friday, June 6, 2014 in the Applications supplement sponsored by Movistar in La Nación, Argentina’s leading newspaper.


Interview published in La Nación – Friday June 6, 2014